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Disability Insurance
In Myrtle Beach

Each day we are surrounded with risks. This is why we insure our most important assets. While we always remember our house and vehicles, we sometimes forget our biggest one- the ability to produce an income. As alarming as it is, almost one-third of Americans will become disabled before retirement. While most people think of disability being caused by accident or injury, the reality is approximately 75% of disabilities are caused by illness. Expenses increase and income dissipates, creating a financial strain on your life as well as that of your dependents. If this happens to you, how long would you be able to sustain the lifestyle you are accustomed to?

If you own a business or employ a key person instrumental to the day-to-day operations, how long would the company be able to survive without you or your key employee working? By evaluating your situation with an insurance specialist from Withers Crest, we will be able to design a policy to insure your income and eliminate your concerns of becoming disabled before retirement. The peace of mind our insurance solutions provide, greatly outweighs any chance of gambling away your future and your assets.

Ask Us About:

  • Individual Income Protection Plans:
    - We offer Long Term, Short Term and Retirement Security Plans
  • Business Solutions:
    - We offer Business Overhead, Key Person, Loan Indemnification and Disability Buy-Out Plans
  • The value of owning an Own Occupation, Specialty Specific definition of disability Plan
  • The difference and premium savings between Non-Cancelable and Guaranteed Renewable Plans
  • The value of owning a policy with 100% Partial Disability Benefits
  • Disability policies that provide benefits for a loved one’s sickness or injury.
  • Coverage available for those with High Risk Avocations, Occupations and significant health histories.

If you currently own a disability policy, contact Withers Crest today so we can analyze your coverage and ensure you have all of the important policy features above.